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UV Technology Experts Help to Combat COVID-19 with Their UVC Disinfection Products
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UV Technology Experts Help to Combat COVID-19 with Their UVC Disinfection Products

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is threatening all over the globe with continuously surging cases in nearly every countries. In order to reduce the risks of infection, disinfecting applications utilizing UVC radiant have attracted attentions in both the medical and consumer market.

UV light solution providers across the world are offering their expertise to help medical institutions eliminating bacteria and viruses to prevent healthcare-associated infections. Bolb, the U.S.-based UV LED company, provided their UVC LED products to decontaminate infectious disease protective clothing for doctors and nurses in China’s newly built Huoshenshan Hospital.


Bolb’s UVC LED deliver arrays with a power output of between 1.2W and 2.5W, which is strong enough to kill MRSA and coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). The LEDs are used to disinfect protective clothing of healthcare providers when they enter or leave the isolation ward. Doctors and nurses can be under the radiation as the epidemic suit can protects them from directly exposed to UVC radiation. The headpiece of the protective equipment is also coated with a fluorescent paint that glows when the emitters are activated.

Meanwhile, Signify note that it is working with its partners in many countries to accelerate application of UVC lamps with the aim to bring positive impact。 The Dutch company has delivered its UVC products to healthcare facilities in China as well。

Signify particularly addressed that for UVC radiation from either lamps or LEDs cannot be used to directly treat people or animals as it will result in severe injuries to their eyes and skin.

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